Wonder Woman Director Teases Score of Upcoming DCEU Film

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Though Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman doesn't release till June, it seems like director Patty Jenkins and the rest of the team have been trickling a few teasers to get the hype going for the next installment in the DC Expanded Universe.

Taking to social media, Jenkins has teased the final effects of Wonder Woman in its latest post-production scoring session with an "epic" soundtrack down by composer Rupert Gregson-Williams.

"Man! Last many Fridays have been some of the best in my life. Seeing final effects and recording EPIC score!?!Brings tears to my eyes," the Wonder Woman director writes on her post.

Check out the Jenkin's little tweet below:

Though DC's full marketing campaign for Wonder Woman is yet to start, Jenkin's social media teases for Gadot's first Wonder Woman standalone help assure fans that the film is well on its way as it completes post-production. Many may remember how rumors came out 2016 claiming that the film was going to need reshoots – a film process that's had many worried since the reshoots have caused problems for 2016's DCEU films like Batman v. Superman and of course Suicide Squad. With these new tweets from Jenkins we get to see how far along Wonder Woman is and how smoothly the production is wrapping up.

Wonder Woman premieres on the big screen on June 2 this year.

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