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Wonder Woman Director Shares Influence & Pressure in Making the Movie

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If one had to name a movie that had a lot of pressure on it, an easy pick would have to be Wonder Woman. Not only is the movie looking to jumpstart DC films as far as fan and critic reception goes, but it will also be the first superhero movie that will put a female superheroine in the lead.

Interestingly enough, director Patty Jenkins doesn't see these foundations as added pressure in creating the film, an approach she deems to be the best route to creating a good female superhero movie. In an interview with Empire, she reveals that her goal wasn't really to create a "different" superhero at all.

"I think the reason that there wasn't a woman superhero made for a long time is because people were assuming that it had to be a different kind of thing. Or more rarefied, or something. This is Wonder Woman. There's nothing different. There's Batman, there's Superman, there's Wonder Woman. She's the full-blown real deal. So it's very significant, but I also just went forth trying to make a great superhero film the same way I would have with any of them, which was great."

Pressure aside, Jenkins shared that she wasn't alone in deciding the direction of the film. Even if the setting actually points to a hundred years' worth of difference between the events of Wonder Woman and Batman v Superman, she had Zack Snyder to thank as an instrumental part overall.

"Zack was making Batman v Superman simultaneous to making this, but he was very instrumental in the direction the film was going to take. That ended up leading to my signing on, because I know enough about these worlds now that unless we really have a shared vision, it's going to be two years of fighting… I had a very strong feeling of what kind of Wonder Woman film I'd want to make."

Predictions for Wonder Woman's performance in theaters are already pointing to a successful film. Whether or not the movie truly lives up to being a superhero wonder for the DC franchise, we'll have to see once it premieres on June 2.

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