06 Mar 2017 3:11 PM +00:00 UTC

Wonder Woman Director Drew Inspiration From The Classic Superman

A lot of eyes are set on Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman as fans hope that it will "redeem" the DC Cinematic Universe which has been pumping out disappointment after disappointment. In an interview with Collider, the director talks about her inspirations as a filmmaker and what she wants to bring to the table with Wonder Woman.

Jenkins said:

"I'm here because of Superman. I'm here because when I saw [Richard Donner's] Superman as a kid, it rocked my world, and I was Superman. I was that little boy. I took that ride and that journey. I always say that Star Wars had a huge effect on me too, but what Star Wars did for some people, Superman did for me. I remember the theater, I remember the feeling, I remember I cried and I laughed and I went through that whole thing and I was Superman. I believed in myself as Superman, and that's the beauty of film."


Jenkins also talks about how this movie will build up to Wonder Woman's role in Justice League, and she explains:

"I think this movie ends great and in a way that really helps to understand her, and she has a lot of shades in the future. But I think really when you look back at BvS, it's a snapshot. You're not getting a lot of information about her point of view, so I think there's a lot of complexity in why she's saying what she's saying and why she is who she is."

Wonder Woman looks to be a milestone in modern superhero films, as it will be the first movie that will be centered on a female heroine. What's more, Jenkins is a sole female director in the genre which has been dominated by a lot of guys. Here's hoping that she's also the first director to make a hit DC movie in this universe.

Wonder Woman is slated for a release on June 2.

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