25 Apr 2018 10:23 AM +00:00 UTC

Wonder Woman 2 Confirmed to Take Place in The 1980's

As Marvel continues to hit its stride, DC is still struggling to come up with a great film that isn't Wonder Woman. Everyone has high hopes for December's Aquaman though, and 2019 will feature two more DC films; Shazam and Wonder Woman 2. The latter has plenty of fans hyped for it since the first film was good and has the same director working on it.

Speaking of the director, Patty Jenkins has just confirmed the time period Wonder Woman 2 will be taking place in; the 1980's. Yup, the second film will have a huge time skip from the first one, which took place during the first World War. This means that the Amazon warrior will be skipping out on World War II, an interesting move to say the least.

Jenkins confirmed the news to Screen Rant during a Warner Bros. presentation. The 80's was actually heavily rumored early on, with reports claiming that Wonder Woman will be fighting in the Cold War. It should be fun to see and if Jenkins brings the same amount of heart and sincerity to the sequel, many might continue enjoying DC's premiere female superhero.


Also, let's hope for a better third act as well. The first film had a pretty terrible third act and a dull final fight.

Wonder Woman 2 comes out on November 1, 2019.

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