Wizards of the Coast Announced Partnership With Channelfireball For Grand Prix Events

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Wizards of the Coast's Director of Global Organized Play Helene Bergeot has announced an exclusive and global partnership with Channelfireball Events to improve the quality of Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix events.

With the goal "to increase the consistency and quality of the player experience at Grand Prix events globally," Wizards of the Coast asked various companies to submit proposals on organizing Grand Prix events all over the world, and result: Starting in 2018, Channelfireball Events (CFBE) will be WOTC's exclusive global partner to organize all Grand Prix events. The CFBE company is newly formed by Siteline Productions and ChannelFreball.

Siteline Productions has been a long-standing partner of Wizards for organizing conventions like PAX West, and events like the Pro Tour.

"Our goal is to make our Grand Prix Events exciting, memorable experiences for our fans around the globe while continuing to grow the program," Bergeot added.


This probably means that Starcity Games and other event organizers will no longer be hosting Grand Prix events from 2018 forward. It's still unclear how this partnership will improve the quality of events. Will this spike up the price of Grand Prix everywhere? Does that mean that CFB will have the premium vendor space for selling MTG cards at Grand Prix events? So far, it looks like CFBE has been doing a fine job hosting several Grand Prixs but what happens when they take over all GP events? We'll just have to wait until 2018 and see.

Source: Wizards of the Coast.

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