Wizards Just Made One Rule Change For Magic: The Gathering's 1V1 Commander

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The Commander format of Magic: The Gathering has always brought some unexpected fun for players who want to show off what their 100-card decks can do. Whether you're playing with three or more players or one-versus-one, Commander format could be an exciting break from faster, more competitive formats like Standard or Modern.

Now, Wizards of the Coast is making a rule change for the 1V1 Commander, and it's something some players have already applied in their casual Commander games. The official Tumblr of Magic Online announced that with the deployment of Modern Masters 2017, they're changing the starting life total of 1V1 Commander games from 40 to 30. (The games for three or more players will remain at 40 starting life total).

In addition to the shift of the starting life total, the blog revealed that they have plans for 1V1 Commander leagues but details about that will most likely be announced after Amonkhet comes out next month.

Are you a fan of shifting the starting life total for 1V1 Commander?

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