Will Smith Thinks Star Wars Is Better Than Sex

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Will Smith is a big Hollywood name that shines in any role he plays and while the award-winning celebrity has been in quite a number of police thrillers, dramas and disaster films, the African American actor has a lot of experience in the science fiction domain, making a mark in films like I Am Legend, I Robot, and of course Men in Black.

Now, set to star in another science fiction movie, Netflix's fantasy filled movie Bright, Smith tells fans in an panel at this year's San Diego Comic Con (via Comicbook) what keeps him attached to the science fiction and fantasy genres.


"I was probably 10 years old when Star Wars came out and I have never been smashed like that in a movie theater. My mind was boggled, for this generation you have seen magnificent things in movies. When I saw Star Wars that was all new, I was completely blown away and so my whole life I have chased that and tried to give that feeling to fans."

"I had never matched that level of ecstasy [watching Star Wars]. Now, I had sex a few years later, but that probably didn't match Star Wars."

There's no surprise there – after all, Star Wars is one of the biggest and most expansive science fiction franchises there is in Hollywood and in some sense, others can consider the Skywalker saga better than first sexual encounters. Now, thanks to the influence of Luke, Leia, Han and all the other heroes and villains from a galaxy far, far away, fans are going to get to see Smith in David Ayer's Bright. Let's all hope it won't turn out like Suicide Squad.

Here's a short description of Bright:

Set in an alternate present-day where humans, orcs, elves and fairies have been coexisting since the beginning of time, this action-thriller directed by David Ayer (Suicide Squad,End of Watch, writer ofTraining Day) follows two cops from very different backgrounds. Ward, a human (Will Smith), and Jakoby, an orc (Joel Edgerton), embark on a routine night patrol that will alter the future of their world as they know it.Battling both their own personal differences as well as an onslaught of enemies, they must work together to protect a young female elf and a thought-to-be-forgotten relic, which in the wrong hands could destroy everything.

Bright is scheduled for release on December 22, 2017 on Netflix.