30 Oct 2017 11:18 AM +00:00 UTC

Will Poulter Gives In To Fans And Dresses Up As Toy Story's Sid For Halloween

Will Poulter has had a steady rise to stardom and has come a long way from playing the dorky kid from We're the Millers. A lot of fans online have pointed out how he also has an uncanny resemblance to Sid from Toy Story, and poulter has decided to give in and dress as the toy-destroying bully for Halloween.

Check it out:

As it turns out, Poulter has decided to put on the costume to raise awareness about bullying and promote Bullying Prevention month in the US as well as Antibullying Week in the UK. He encourages fans to follow @antibullyingpro to help support the cause.


It's interesting that someone like Poulter should be the one make a stand against bullying as he has easily played a bully and someone who is always bullied in his movies. Poulter's character in We're the Millers was a hapless adolescent who was everyone's punching bag, and he played an absolute jerk in The Maze Runner.

A lot of people had been teasing Poulter online for looking just like Sid in Toy Story, and it's fun that he would have a sense of humor about it and fully embrace the uncanny resemblance. All this just to help stop bullying in local schools.

You go, Will Poulter.

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