28 May 2017 5:40 PM +00:00 UTC

Will Finn Have Cybernetic Enhancements In Star Wars The Last Jedi?

Finn was left bloodied and beaten in the end of his duel with Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and just like several characters in the franchise, it looks like our former Stormtrooper will need to get some cybernetic enhancements to keep himself in the fight.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, John Boyega admits that his character will need to take a while before he can get back into shape. He says:

"Finn's in a bad way at the end of VII. He has a lot of issues. He got slashed with a saber, and that took him down real hard, so he's in a coma… That suit, that whole thing helps him to recover… There's some additional few things that need to be done to make him mobile. He's definitely in a place where he needs some help."


Of course, it seems obvious that Finn will get back on his feet just looking at the Vanity Fair photos, but it would be interesting to see the character's transition throughout the movie.

Apparently, Finn will be a pretty "big deal" when it comes to the Resistance, what with being a turncoat trooper and facing Kylo Ren and surviving. Boyega then goes on to make an imaginary impression of Finn:

"‘How you doing, guys? How you doing? Yeah, I was there. Then the Falcon picked me up… Oh yeah, I knew Han Solo by the way. We were pretty close.' All that kind of stuff. They have a fan moment when they see him."

Boyega was just a fine addition to the new Star Wars canon, and seeing him embrace his role is an absolute delight. Sure Rey and Luke will be delving into more serious matters on the island of Ach-To, but it looks like a lot of the humor will be coming from the adventures of Finn and newcomer Rose Tico.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes out Dec. 15.

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