Will Darth Vader's Helmet Unlock More Secrets in The Last Jedi?

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Will Darth Vader's ancient, nearly-destroyed relic of a helmet unlock more secrets in Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

Kylo Ren, his disciple and grandson, ostensibly keeps it around as a reminder of the path he has chosen to follow. The destruction it represents is a deterrent against any existing compulsion to "return to the light," as the follower of the Dark Side admits in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


But could there be a deeper reason beyond this seeming homage? Star Wars super fan and YouTuber Mike Zeroh thinks so, and that the helmet could be a portal by which Kylo Ren could see glimpses into the past. His entreaties to the dead Sith are a request for more visions, which hints that similar experiences had happened before. Zeroh compares it to the flashbacks that Rey experienced when she touched Luke's lightsaber. Given the buzz that The Last Jedi will be flashback-heavy, it won't be a leap to imagine that Rey and Kylo Ren have similar Force-abilities when they touch items that are heavy with its energies. And that contact just might trigger more images that can shed more light on the saga.

Rey's own history is a mystery, especially her parentage. Her tenuous connection to the Jedi is shrouded in unknown. But if Kylo Ren can somehow establish a connection with Darth Vader's equally gloomy history, those revelations might have far more impact on the Star Wars universe.

Energies from that helmet might finally answer questions about Snoke's identity, the cataclysm that rocked Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy, and the Jedi secrets that he now wants to unravel. The disclosure of Ren's past might impact a family, but what Kylo Ren discovers and shows the readers through Vader's helmet might rewrite the entire Star Wars cosmology.

The critical appearance of that black helmet has made fans want more of the reformed Sith master, such as an appearance by Hayden Christensen (who played the young Darth) in future movies. Regardless of how Star Wars' epic expands, one thing is certain: Darth Vader still casts a very long, powerful shadow in these movies.

Perhaps powerful enough to mark his return (in one form or another).

Watch Mike Zeroh explain his concept of Rey and Kylon Ren's twin powers in the video below.