Why Two Important Deadpool Comics Characters Were Removed From the Movie

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Tim Miller's Deadpool is probably one of the comic book films that has stayed faithful to its foundation (as seen in the trailers and promos). Apparently though, there are two key characters in the comics cut out of the movie – Patch and Dr. Emrys Killebrew.

This detail was revealed to Cinema Blend last week during an interview with Deadpool screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.


So, why remove the two?

Patch/ Bob Stirrat is the owner of the mercenary hangout bar "Hellhouse." His character was reportedly replaced by Weasel (T.J. Miller) in the film.

Wernick explained this:

Weasel basically assumed Patch's behind the bar job. A lot of it had to do with consolidating and budget and making sure that we focused on fewer characters and fewer scenes. For example, Weasel, became Weasel and Patch. He became the bartender.

As for Dr. Killebrew, he's supposed to be Ajax's (Ed Skrein's) boss. In Deadpool, Ajax is director to The Program and is responsible for torturing the merch with a mouth. The original plan was to have Killebrew appear at the end of the movie.

Wernick said:

Dr. Killebrew, basically, it was revealed at the end of the movie that Ajax wasn't the brains behind the operation. He was just a puppet to Dr. Killebrew, and Dr. Killebrew walks on screen and you think, ‘Holy shit!'

Wernick added however that the plot would be better off simple with just one core villain:

But ultimately that was a decision of just simplification and feeling like we need one core villain and one core villain alone. So we eliminated Killebrew. Some creative choices and some budget choices ultimately dictated which characters we used and how we used them.

The movie hasn't been released yet, so I couldn't say for sure whether the inclusion of Patch Killebrew would have made any difference.

In the comics though, Killebrew eventually gets killed by Ajax, so I suppose it would make sense not having to go through the process of showing Killebrew then have him killed by Ajax, who becomes Deadpool's final nemesis. Wernick's explanation of why they removed patch also seems to have made the plot simpler with less characters.

In any case, I'm sure audiences can still expect to enjoy Deadpool when it arrives on Friday, February 12.