Why James Cameron Isn’t Likely To Direct Any More Alien Films

2016 marks the 30th anniversary of James Cameron's Aliens, one of the best sci-fi action films in history. With the Alien franchise getting quite busy these days, it begs the question whether the Academy Award-winning filmmaker will be involved in any future Alien project.

It appears that it might be a while before we see that happening, if it even happens at all.

Famous Monsters (h/t Cinema Blend) recently published an excerpt from their interview with James Cameron as part of their celebration of Alien Day and one statement from Cameron sure sounds like the director is quite tied up at the moment that it's highly unlikely that he'll be involved in another Aliens project.

He said:

Unless somebody could come up with some spectacularly new concept. … I've got my own kind of alien world that I'm enslaved to now with the Avatar films, so I can pretty much rule that out.

Cameron may not have entirely discounted the possibility of returning to Aliens, but from his statement, he made sure that the possibility is not near likely.

With four upcoming Avatar films to come until 2023, I can see why Cameron said he's "enslaved" to the franchise. In addition, pre-production for the sequels was supposed to have taken place ever since the first Avatar film was released, and now, almost seven years to that date, nothing seems to be moving forward. The second Avatar film just keeps getting pushed back. There really isn't any more time for Cameron to pursue Aliens.

Meanwhile, the Alien franchise is at the very least returning with Ridley Scott's Prometheus sequel and Alien prequel – Alien: Covenant. Filming begins later this year.

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