Why is Sony Pictures Registering Attack on Titan Domain Names?

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Hajime Isayama Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) has been one of the greatest animes of the last decade; with only one anime season released so far, the franchise has spawned legions of fans worldwide, a spectacular attraction in Universal Studios in Japan, and two live-action films that will premiere in Japan this August and September. The anime is also getting a couple of compilation films, one that has already aired and another coming this summer to Japan.

So why is Sony Pictures registering Attack on Titan-related domain names?

According to Anime News Network, a subsidiary of Sony Pictures USA recently registered eight similar domain names related to the popular anime series, but with one important distinction: the Sony-registered domains include a "the" in the center of each name.

Here's a list of the domain names that Sony Pictures registered:

  • attackonthetitan-movie.com
  • attackonthetitan-movie.net
  • attackonthetitan.com
  • attackonthetitan.net
  • attackonthetitanmovie.com
  • attackonthetitanmovie.net
  • attackonthetitanthemovie.com
  • attackonthetitanthemovie.net

It's possible that Sony Pictures USA has plans to release and distribute the Japanese live-action films stateside in the near future. Since Attack on Titan has a huge fan base here in America, localizing those films would most likely be profitable to the company.

Another possibility is that Sony Pictures is planning to develop its own Attack on Titan film for the Western audiences unfamiliar to the anime series. We still have no idea what Sony is planning to do with the franchise, but I'm hoping that we'll see a Hollywood adaptation of the series as long as studios won't screw it like what they did with Dragon Ball. An Attack on Titan film is definitely something that would appeal to the Western audience, but right now, I'm just looking forward to the anime's Season 2 and the live-action films.

Would you like to see Sony make a live-action Attack on Titan film?

Meanwhile, here's the cast of the upcoming Japanese live-action Attack on Titan films.