Why Evan Peters Is “Devastated” With Quicksilver’s Death in the MCU

Marvel Studios and 20th Century Fox both have rights to feature Quicksilver on the big screen. Marvel has Aaron Taylor-Johnson, while Fox has Evan Peters. Unfortunately for Taylor-Johnson's Quicksilver, Marvel quickly ended the character's story in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

We would assume Taylor-Johnson is disappointed with his character's death at some level. Apparently, Evan Peters is also upset with his demise. In fact, Peters isn't just upset, he's "devastated."

In an interview with Yahoo!, Evans expressed his "devastation" with Taylor-Johnson's Quicksilver's death, explaining how he would have wanted to see the character's development in future MCU films. The 29-year-old actor said:

I liked what they did with it. It was different. It was a completely different take on it. He had the Russian accent. I mean, they had this swoopy thing with the lines behind, which I thought was really cool, and I don't know. I thought it was a cool character.

He added that the effects used for the powers of each Quicksilver had different versions. While Peters had the usual "whooshing" live-action effect, Taylor-Johnson had that "swoopy" line effect. They also had different dispositions. Peters' version is comical, while Taylor-Johnson is verging on the serious side.

Taylor-Johnson's Quicksilver died saving Hawkeye from being hit by bullets, and Peters says if Marvel chose to keep their Quicksilver alive, both franchises would have been motivated to compete with each other and make each character better with each appearance.

I thought it could have been a cool competition. Like, ‘Oh, they did that with him and that was awesome. Now we've got to try to top that with this.' It could have been a nice little, I don't know, motivation.

I have to admit Peters is right. While I liked Fox's Quicksilver better, it would have been awesome to see how Marvel could have developed Taylor-Johnson's Quicksilver if he hadn't been killed, especially considering how Quicksilver is among Marvel's truly deadly superheroes. Maybe they could even do a crossover and have the two facing off. I'm all for Peters' version winning though.

Who do you think would have won?

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