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Who Would Win Between Goku and Superman? This Video Gives You The Ultimate Answer

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Dragon Ball's Goku vs. DC Universe's Superman - Who would win? Fans have been debating this fantasy match for generations but of course, we'd probably never really see the fight officially happen. And why the hell would they fight in the first place? They're both good heroes who want to protect Earth, but for fun and argument's sake, fans want to prove that their favorite hero is more powerful than the other (Go Team Goku!). 

Now, with Dragon Ball's return to TV and Goku's new "God" form from the recent movie, Screw Attack thought it's a good time to compare their power levels once again. For the second time, they broke down the details about the characters' powers, showing references from the comic books and anime to come up with an ultimate answer to this endless debate. You can watch the video below. I've also embedded their first Goku vs. Superman video. 


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