Who Spider-Man Will Fight in Captain America: Civil War

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Spoiler alert: potential plot details below...

New details about Spider-Man's involvement in Marvel's Captain America: Civil War have emerged, and it looks like Tom Holland's character is going to have more than just a cameo role. We've previously seen a possible leaked image of the new Spider-Man, and we also learned that Peter Parker will be wearing two costumes in the film. The first will be homemade and the second will be a suit given to him by Tony Stark, so it makes sense if he ends up joining Team Iron Man.

Holland is currently in Germany to shoot more scenes for the film, but now, a new report from Heroic Hollywood reveals that Spider-Man will be fighting Captain America himself in Civil War! No details about how the fight will turn out yet, but that's going to be a brawl that fans will be excited to see.

Captain America: Civil War will hit theaters on May 6, 2016.