Who is Saybil in The Dawn of the Witch?

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Who is Saybil in The Dawn of the Witch?

The Dawn of the Witch is the sequel to Grimoire of Zero. In this sequel, the series is led by Saybil, but who is Saybil in The Dawn of the Witch, and what is his connection to Zero and the previous story?

The sequel is originally a Japanese light novel that was adapted into a manga. It was then transformed into an anime by Tezuka Production.

The series made its premiere in April 2022 as part of the Spring 2022 anime line-up. Interested viewers can tune in to Crunchyroll and Muse Communication’s channels to know how the sequel will continue the world created from Grimoire of Zero.

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Who is Saybil in The Dawn of the Witch?

Who is Saybil?
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Saybil is the main protagonist of The Dawn of the Witch. He is a young magic student who unfortunately lost his memory. He was recruited by a silver-haired woman who promised to provide him with special training. The series was set 10 years after Grimoire of Zero took place.


Saybil is a student at the Magic Academy. It has not been revealed why his memories were stolen but a mysterious woman visited him one day and saw something strange in his eyes and just decided to remove his memories.

This encounter made him struggle in expressing his feelings and even lost motivation. Albus, the school founder and headmaster, decided to make him a mage of a new town to further improve his skills. If he fails, his memories of magic and school will be erased as well.

While the first four episodes of The Dawn of the Witch were full of action, episode five finally revealed the true identity of Saybil.

The episode showcased the present time Zero, in which she revealed that she was the one who asked Albus for Saybil and the other mages as a plan to make them part of her field program.

She also revealed that Saybil is her nephew, making him the son of Thirteen, the villain in Grimoire of Zero.

She explained that she was the one who erased his memories after he witnessed the violent murder of his mother. It was also confirmed that Saybil has destructive powers inside him.

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