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Where to Watch and Stream Suddenly Seventeen Free Online

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Suddenly Seventeen poster
Suddenly Seventeen
Cast: Ni Ni Wallace Huo Darren Wang Liu Bing Pan Binlong
Genres: Comedy Romance Fantasy
Director: Zhang Mo
Release Date: Jan 11, 2015
When Liang Xia's obsession for a perfect wedding puts a strain in the relationship with her fiancé, he ultimately calls it quits and breaks up with her. In a heartbroken state, Liang Xia carelessly ingests a magical item, which transports the 28-year-old’s mind back to when she was only seventeen years old.

How to watch Suddenly Seventeen

Suddenly Seventeen is not available to stream now.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Suddenly Seventeen:

When was Suddenly Seventeen released?

The original release date of Suddenly Seventeen was on 2016-12-09.

How long is Suddenly Seventeen?

Suddenly Seventeen is 107 minutes long.

What is the original title of Suddenly Seventeen?

The original title of Suddenly Seventeen is "28岁未成年".

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