Where to Watch and Stream His Dark Materials Free Online - NOVEMBER 2021 Update

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Where is the best place to watch and stream His Dark Materials free online as of September 2021? We've compiled an updated list of streaming services that currently have His Dark Materials available to watch!

Watch His Dark MaterialsFree: September 2021 Update


• UK fans can watch His Dark Materials on BBC iPlayer.

His Dark Materials is not available to Stream on Hulu. ​

His Dark Materials series is available on Amazon Prime Video, but fans have to pay extra, as the episodes are not included in the Prime subscription.​​

His Dark Materials series is available on HBO Max and included in the subscription.

Based on Philip Pullman's award-winning trilogy, His Dark Materials is currently one of the best quality fantasy adaptations out there. Since the British production first made an appearance on BBC in 2019, it has attracted many long-time and new fans who eagerly follow Lyra's adventures across different worlds. But, as we all know, the BBC series can be a little tricky to find outside of the UK. Below, we explain how to stream His Dark Materials online:

IsHis Dark Materialson Netflix?


At the time of writing, His Dark Materials is not included in the Netflix library. However, there is plenty of fantasy series available to watch on the popular streaming platform, including but not limited to Shadow and Bone which has been renewed for a second season.

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IsHis Dark Materialson Amazon Prime Video?

Yes! All episodes of His Dark Materials that currently exist are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. However, these are not included in your membership, meaning that each episode costs around $3.45. The first two seasons have 8 and 7 episodes respectively, so it would be in your best interest to pay for a whole season for around $23.99.

Is His Dark Materialson Disney Plus?

At the time of writing, His Dark Materials isn't on Disney+, nor do we expect it to be, as this streaming platform only includes Disney and Marvel films and series. Thankfully, there are many other ways to watch the fantasy series online.


IsHis Dark Materialson HBO Max?

Yes! His Dark Materials comes with your HBO Max subscription. We are currently not sure if Season 3 will make it there immediately, but the first 2 are currently available to stream!

Is His Dark Materialson Hulu?

Yes, you can stream His Dark Materials on Hulu. As the series comes with your subscription, you don't have to pay anything extra to stream it!

IsHis Dark Materialson Peacock?


At the time of writing, His Dark Materials isn't available on Peacock. However, The Hunger Games trilogy is available to stream on this relatively newer platform.

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Is His Dark Materialson Paramount Plus?

As of September 2021, you can't watch His Dark Materials on Paramount Plus. Thankfully, there are now adequate ways to watch Lyra and Will's adventures, even if you are not based in the UK or using BBC iPlayer.