Where Do Foggy Nelson And Matt Murdock Stand In The Defenders?

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Despite their close history in the comics, Daredevil season two saw a rift form between Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson, resulting to the shutting down of the office of Nelson and Murdock. We know that Matt will be making an appearance in next month's Defenders, but Foggy will also be making a return. Where do the two stand now?

During an appearance at SDCC 2017 (via ScreenRant), Daredevil actor Charlie Cox explains:

"That relationship is still fractured. I know that in Defenders — because of the nature of the problem, the nature of the issue, the plot in our show — Foggy has to get on board with Matt and what he can do. And I think he begins to see the benefit of someone like Matt. But that doesn't detract from the years of lying.


The real healing is going to have to come later. The Defenders takes place in a week, a very small amount of time, you know what I mean? Only so much healing can be done in that time."

Cox's statement about the show taking place in a week is contrary to previous information everyone got that the main story will take place in a span of 48 hours. Perhaps we can see a time jump at some point in the episode, but with all the character development with the main heroes, I can see how Matt and Foggy's relationship can take the sideline for now.

In the last season of Daredevil, we saw Matt virtually abandoning Foggy to work on the Punisher case by himself so he could fight evil ninjas with Elektra. Personally I thought this was a whole new low for Matt, and I was just frustrated at how much common sense was not used. Also, Punisher's character arc is loads more interesting than Elektra's.

The Defenders comes out Aug. 18.

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