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What We Do In The Shadows Spin-Off Will Be Inspired By The X-Files

Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement's What We Do in the Shadows is a riot of a film, and two separate spinoffs are in the works with the intent to expand on the world of supernatural Wellington. One spinoff is a movie that will follow Rhys Darby and his band of werewolves (titled We're Wolves), and the other is a series following the bumbling police as they investigate the supernatural elements of their town.

In an interview with Stuff, Jemaine Clement talks about the spinoff series titled Wellington Supernatural. The series will have six 30-minute episodes and will focus on detectives played by Karen O'Leary and Mike Minogue. Just in case you don't know who they are, just watch this hilarious clip from the film:

Producer Paul Yates has also confirmed that the show will be shot in mockumentary format like the original movie, and it will also be drawing inspiration from The X-Files. What's more, we'll also be seeing cameo appearances from characters in the movie. Maybe we'll even get to see the return of Waititi's Viago or Clement's Vladislav.

The series looks like a ton of fun, and seeing how the movie was able to expand on just the concept of vampires alone, I'd like to see what they have in store for other supernatural creatures like zombies, witches, or mummies. Maybe there can even be an episode about the lesser-known Kiwi mythical creatures.

Wellington Paranormal is set to come out on TVNZ 2 sometime next year. Hopefully it gets distributed everywhere else soon. Maybe Netflix would be interested?

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