What Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer would look like in 1977

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Was there anything more mind-blowingly amazing than the 1977 trailer for the first Star Wars film? The calm, matter of fact, disembodied voice narrating newbie filmmaker George Lucas' credentials set to the infinitely black backdrop of space, suddenly interrupted by zooming spaceships and fast cuts of strange, exotic characters in various states of distress.

I wasn't alive when the first trailer hit movie theaters, but my dad can sure tell stories of how he and his teenage friends lost their minds. There was simply nothing like that before it. The trailer promised a "big, sprawling space saga of rebellion and romance," during a time when the last biggest movie showed John Travolta shaking what his mama gave him in Saturday Night Fever.   


Flash forward to 2015, months before the release of the sixth Star Wars film. Youtube user Chris Anderson edited footage of the official The Force Awakens trailers to re-create the 1977 trailer feel, in equal amounts of glory and cheese.

Watching the two trailers one after another, I can't help feel emotional at old man Han Solo telling Chewy that they're home. Check out the retro new trailer below.