10 Aug 2017 12:50 PM +00:00 UTC

Westworld 2: Vikings' Floki Actor Will Be Joining The Cast; Two More Join Cast

With Game of Thrones nearing the end of its run, it looks like HBO is trying to replicate the same success with Westworld. The next season is set to come out in 2018, and Vikings actor Gustaf Skarsgård (Floki) is going to be part of the cast.

TV Line confirms Skarsgård's casting with two other actors, Fares Fares (Rogue One) and Betty Gabriel (Get Out). They write:

"Skarsgård will play Karl Strand, a white-collar guy comfortable in the field, while Fares takes on the role of Antoine Costa, a tech expert with an objective perspective. Gabriel will be playing Maling, who is trying to restore order on the ground."


Westworld is actually one smart show, and though it doesn't build a world as impressive as Game of Thrones, it's definitely chock-full of more philosophy and symbolism. Talk about next generation sci-fi.

With the way the first season ended, a lot of people are curious on where season two will take the direction. How do you expect more people to come visit the park if there are rogue robots roaming around killing people like Anthony Hopkins?

Some guess that the world will be expanded with that of Samurai World which was teased in the last episode. The original movie also had other places to visit like Rome, so there's that to keep in mind.

Westworld may not have the same viewership as Game of Thrones, but I'm seeing the show has a lot of potential to grow into HBO's next hit series.

Westworld 2 arrives spring of 2018.

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