Westworld 2: Samurai Park Officially Named 'Shogun World'

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There're a lot of great things about HBO's Westworld and the finale teased to us that we would be visiting worlds other than the Wild West. As it turns out, the new ‘world' that will be explored in the next season already has a name which just recently got revealed.

Entertainment Weekly explains:


Most have thought that "SW" stood for "Samurai World," but the far-less-common guess is actually correct: "Shogun World." (To be precise, the Westworld Season One finale script called the land "SHOGUNWORLD," one word, so quite possibly it's more properly written as "ShogunWorld").

We don't know much about Shogun World yet, but we do know that The Last Samurai actor Hiroyuki Sanada will be playing a character named Musashi—most likely one of the Samurai hosts.

With the original movie having other parks like Medieval World and Rome World, it's cool that the series has chosen to expand on what they have with an entirely different concept. With that in mind, I'm curious just how much the showrunners want to expand on their different areas of the park. Shogun World is already pretty cool; what about a Pirate World?

Westworld 2 is coming sooner than you think. It airs on HBO April 22.

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