Wesley Snipes on the Possibility of Another ‘Blade’ Movie

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is at its peak nowadays. In fact, it seems that everything Marvel nowadays is a success. The younger audiences have the MCU to look up to, while the more mature Marvel demographic can look to the company's Netflix series like Daredevil and Jessica Jones. That said, it perhaps begs the question whether the company is thinking of rebooting other franchises. One such actor from a previous Marvel-based movie who is looking into this possibility is Blade star Wesley Snipes.

In a recent tweet, the 53-year-old actor expressed his utmost interest in returning as the notorious Daywalker:

However, the actor seems to have thought it out, saying in an interview with Deadline that the decision is in Marvel's hands.

Looking at Snipes now and the status of the MCU, the time is ripe for them to take advantage and renew a Blade franchise. Snipes is in shape and his performance during the height of the Blade series was phenomenal. However, there's still his age to consider. Marvel may be thinking of making a new Blade franchise, but brining back Snipes might be hard for the series if they would have to replace the actor in the long run. Then again, if Arnold Schwarzenegger can return as the Terminator and Harrison Ford can return as Indiana Jones, who are we to say that Snipes can't come back as Blade?

In the end, it's just as Snipes said. The final decision remains with Marvel. I guess we'll just have to wait and find out whether the MCU will consider bringing back the actor for the titular role.

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