Weird Pokemon Theory Links Mimikyu to Infamous Banned Episode

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In the Pokemon Sun and Moon game, Mimikyu is a cuddly creature with a cute song who just wants affection and dressed like Pikachu in an effort to be loved like Pikachu. In the Sun and Moon anime, Mimikyu is some sort of hellbeast who hates Pikachu and makes horrific croaking noises like they're a reject from The Ring. Many fans are flummoxed by this disparity and Japanese fans think they may have the answer, Kotakureports.

(Mild spoilers for the Pokemon Sun and Moon game below)

The theory is inspired by Mimikyu's Pokedex entry in the Sun and Moon game. The entry says that the researcher who tried to discover what Pokemon was underneath Mimikyu's Pikachu costume died from shock. This reminded many fans of the "Pokemon Shock" phenomenon.


A screenshot from the Pokemon episode 'Cyber Soldier Porygon'

You should read the article I linked for a more detailed summary, but essentially Pokemon Shock refers to a Pokemon episode back in 1997 that had visuals that sent many Japanese children into seizures. The episode was centered around the Pokemon Porygon and though he wasn't the cause of the offending scene, the tragedy meant that he never appeared in the anime again.

After the seizure scene in 'Cyber Soldier Porygon'

What was the actual cause of the flashing imagery that harmed young children? It was an attack from Pikachu. Yet Pikachu suffered no consequences and still remains the face of the Pokemon franchise and most popular Pokemon. Seems a little unfair, doesn't it?

Thus, the Japanese fandom came up with a theory that Mimikyu is in fact, Porygon, and the "shock" the researcher died from upon seeing him was literal. Porygon's bitterness toward Pikachu has caused it to become a cursed vengeful creature and it wears the costume in an attempt to reclaim the rightful attention Pikachu stole from it.

This could also account for the disparity in anime Mimikyu and game Mimikyu's attitudes. Porygon still appears in games, after all, so it could be less bitter in the game world and just genuinely want a little love like cute ol' Pikachu. Notably, you find Mimikyu in the same area you find Porygon in the game.

It's a theory that's way too meta to ever become a reality, but it's still a delightfully fun bit of speculation. What do you think? Do you have any theories about Mimikyu?

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