Weird Al Explains Why He's Not Going To Make Another Star Wars Song

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Star Wars has received tons of parodies and videos over the years because of its popularity and one comedian/musician in particular who has had hit parodies based in Star Wars is the legend "Weird Al" Yankovic.

However, while both of his Star Wars song parodies, Yoda (parodying Lola by The Kinks) and The Saga Begins (parodying American Pie by Don McLean), have become big hits among fans, Weird Al himself has confirmed that he won't be making any more such versions of the beloved space opera series.

In an interview with The Rolling Stone, the 56-year-old comedian explained:

It's a thought that crossed my mind, certainly, and everybody on my Twitter feed was like, "Oh! You have to do another Star Wars song." In fact, a few years ago I teased, "You know, I do a Star Wars song every 20 years like clockwork. It could be about that time."
But I looked at it practically. I've already got two Star Wars songs in my set, both of which I pretty much have to play because of fan demand.
If I had a third Star Wars song, it just sort of becomes the Star Wars show. So for that reason alone, I kind of feel like I probably should just keep it at two.

While this is unfortunate news for most fans, I think the legend has a point. He probably doesn't want to be tied down and be known for only his Star Wars parodies.

In any case, fans don't need to fret since Weird Al has added that he'll definitely feature Yoda as the final song in all his concerts.

He told Rolling Stone:

It's become kind of traditional. It's an old-school hit. It's something that I've almost literally done at every show I've done since 1980. It generally feels good at the end of the set. For one tour, we tried it in the middle of the show, and it just didn't feel right. It feels like a show closer.

Apart from being a comedian, singer, and songwriter, Weird Al (real name Alfred Matthew) Yankovic is a record producer, actor, music video director, film producer, and author. He's most popular for his humorous songs based on pop culture and songs of modern musical acts. He's also famous for his original songs that spoof other acts, as well as polka medleys of popular songs where an accordion is featured. He has recorded more than 150 parody and original songs and over 12 million of his albums were sold worldwide. He has four Grammy Awards and 11 nominations.