18 Feb 2016 1:50 AM +00:00 UTC

We Could See More Kick-Ass Female Characters in Deadpool 2

Image Credit: Deadpool Movie Twitter Account

Deadpool 2 is currently under way. Considering the massive success that Deadpool has received and is continuing to get at the box office, it's really a no brainer that Fox had green-litthe sequel.

While we do know that there's a second movie (and probably a trilogy) in the works featuring the smart-mouthed merc and Cable, it remains a mystery which other characters will be featured in the film.


Now we might have a bit of idea with actor Ryan Reynolds' latest response to the sexist marketing of superhero films. A gif of this response made it to Tumblr and the post has amassed over 150,000 notes.

During AOL's BUILD Speaker Series over the weekend, the 39-year-old actor was asked about the need for a "romantic hook" to win female viewers.

Reynolds' response?


Yes, Reynolds' response is the best. But what could this mean for Deadpool 2? Well, we might be seeing more badass female superheroes, or at least characters, in the sequel.

Reynolds seemed open enough to the idea during an interview with Buzzfeed where he said that creating strong female characters is a no brainer and that he will do everything in his will to include more "kick-ass" women in future films.


Image Credit: Deadpool Movie Twitter Account

Image Credit: Deadpool Movie Twitter Account

Image Credit: Deadpool Movie Twitter Account

Ryan's entire statement are as follows:

It's a no brainer. Movies in general don't always reflect society in the right way. I liked the idea of some kickass women in the film. And if we get the chance to do another movie, we want to do more of that.

Deadpool shattered major box office records over the weekend, with the R-rated film the first of its kind to rake in $260 million worldwide.

One media analyst even said that the film is an expectation-buster:

It doesn't feel like a cookie-cutter superhero movie. It feels like something unique. You've got to sometimes take risks and go against conventional wisdom to come out a winner.

Apart from the freedom that the movie's creators were given due to the R rating, this could in part be due to the tons of kick-ass female characters consistently featured in the film, even though it couldn't have passed the Bechdel test.

While the quantity of female characters remains a mystery for Deadpool 2, I wouldn't expect anything less from Ryan Reynolds, who is also the film's producer. Besides, female viewers would love to see more women characters using foul language and sick jokes, getting involved in violence, and just being real.

Deadpool is now in theaters.