WayV Member Winwin Finds New Entertainment In China; Sparks Rumors He's Leaving SM Entertainment

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WayV Winwin has been out of the K-pop industry spotlight in the past months.

Winwin, whose real name is Dong Sicheng, has been hailed as the NCT-127, NCT U, and WayV's dancer, sub-vocal, and sub-rapper.

After joining the NCT 2020 project last year, NCTzens expected to see him again in the group's future album. However, NCT dropped the sneak peek of their 2021 album Universe, showing only 21 members of the original 23-membered group.


Fans noticed that Winwin and Lucas were missing from the portrait, causing them to ask whether they had already left the group or not. While some clarified that Winwin is currently working in China and Lucas is still on hiatus, fans could not help but worry about Winwin's future because of the new development.

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Winwin Signs Contract With YUEKAI Entertainment

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Credit: SMTOWN

Since March, Winwin has been staying in China to prepare for his debut as an actor. Star News Korea and SM Entertainment representative confirmed his personal career plans outside South Korea.

While his South Korean agency knew about his plans, it remains unknown whether he label knew his double contract after allegedly signing with YUEKAI.

During the latest live stream of Chinese actor and singer Liu Yu Ning, Winwin recently joined his Chinese label. He revealed he met the K-pop idol days ago and managed to sign him with their company.

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"He would have a smooth path to success. He is currently filming director Li Mu Ge's drama. We first met through a variety show 'My Brilliant Masters' 3 years ago," he said.

Liu Yu Ning added they never met again until Winwin approached him to sign a contract with the label.

This supported the rumor last month, insisting that Winwin was present at one of the YUEKAI's recent events. According to reports, the label's CEO invited him to the Universal Studio in Beijing.

Is Winwin Leaving NCT, WayV?

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Credit: SMTOWN

Before the news broke, reports about Winwin potentially departing from the K-pop group and its subgroups emerged.

In September, SM Entertainment dismissed the claims and said that the studio the idol established in China is merely for his acting activities and projects. With that said, there was no way he would leave WayV.

Rumors about his exit might continue to arise in the next few weeks due to his absence, but Winwin's fans know he gets what he deserves in China.

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