Watchmen: HBO Orders Pilot And Additional Scripts

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HBO's Watchmen show keeps moving forward. It all started with a small tease from Damon Lindelof that showed the statue Night Owl was honored with. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, a pilot episode and more scripts have been ordered by the premium cable network. Considering the resume' that the network has, it looks like the series is in good hands.

The original source material is considered to be the best graphic novel ever produced, thanks to Alan Moore's writing and the awesome art of Dave Gibbons. Zack Snyder had previously adapted the series into a movie, which got mixed reactions from audiences. Some dug the movie, claiming it adapted the graphic novel well, while others thought it was a mess.

Now that HBO is taking a stab at Watchmen, it should be interesting to see how the comic is adapted to the small screen. Aside from the main storyline that focuses on The Comedian's murder (spoiler alert?), the series can also focus on the Minutemen, who were the predecessors of the Watchmen.

Only time will tell if the show comes to fruition and matches the quality of programs like Game of Thrones. TV is filled with comic book adaptations these days, like The Flash, Arrow, Marvel's Inhumans, The Walking Dead, and this isn't even including the Netflix Marvel shows or the new programs planned for DC's online streaming service next year.

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