27 Jul 2017 12:06 PM +00:00 UTC

Watch: What Makes The Magic: The Gathering Art of Raymond Swanland Distinct

Raymond Swanland is one of the most celebrated artist of Magic: The Gathering, and many of his works are recognizable to many players of the game due to their sharp edges and aggressive linework. The MagicManSam has created another wonderful video that points out the elements that make Swanland's art distinct. It illustrates how most of Swanland's pieces use the Dutch angel and they're cut sideways instead of being parallel to the frame. As the video points out, Swanland is often commissioned to illustrate war scenes, and as a result, the majority of pieces he make are for red cards. Watch the video below: 


This video does an incredible job pointing out the elements of Swanland's art, and it's making me appreciate his work even more. I hope Swanland continues to create awesome art for Magic: The Gathering. 

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