Watch this Smashing Promo for Universal Japan's Godzilla 4D

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Universal Studios Japan has released a short promotional trailer for the upcoming 4-D Godzilla theme park ride. It showing Godzilla at its rampaging best. Watch it below:

As the promo shows, the ride will allow people to experience the feeling of being attacked by an 118-foot tall monster from ground level. But they don't have to actually die to do it. That's always a plus.

The attraction will open in a Osaka-based resort. Judging from the promo, this will be part off a Universal Cool Japan event lasting from January 13 to June 25. In addition to Godzilla, other franchises likeDragon Quest and Evangelion will be getting cool attractions.

That ride looks like a terrifying and fun experience. What do you think? Would you like to go on this ride?