Watch The Walking Dead’s Double Death Scenes in Lego for Less Scares

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Do you think The Walking Dead's season 7 premiere death scenes were just insanely gory or gross?

Well, so did most of a lot of fans and critics alike. But if you want to watch the scene, but just can't press play because you don't want to see Steven Yeun's Glenn or Michael Cudlitz's Abraham get butchered headless, then maybe this clip can bring back the chills without too much eyesore.

YouTuber kristo499 has recreated the scenes for both deaths, combined and in Lego form. That means we get to miss out on the flashbacks and Rick scenes with the zombies and the RV.

The lines are delivered down to the letter, and the characters are all recreated faithfully. Negan's Lego lookalike is just like him, complete with his entire wardrobe. The Lego Lucille even looks great., too.

Abraham still looks like a champ, especially since even Abraham's "Suck my nuts" line hits the nail on the head (no pun intended). Rick does look sad and desolate, and Car's one-eyed appearance is unaltered. Sasha's, Rosita's, and Maggie's heartbroken expressions are captured even by their Lego counterparts.

I guess we can rest easy that what the creator used are play dough and food coloring. But Glenn's sad still moving corpse is still heartbreaking.

The Walking Dead airs every Sunday on AMC.

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