Watch Real Women Try Spine-Bending Superheroine Poses

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A hilarious and informative Buzzfeed video and accompanying article demonstrated how ridiculous and impossible the "sexy" poses comic book heroines do are by having real women attempt to do them.

It turned out in the end that actual women couldn't truly imitate the bizarre images without the help of Photoshop. The results were a little disturbing:

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Picture by Macey J. Foronda and Charlotte Gomez from Buzzfeed


The women in the video also discussed why these pictures are drawn in the first place and the body image issues trying to live up to these images can cause. I think Sheridan made a particularly good point:

I just find everything so hilariously awful. I know a lot of people will say “it’s just a cartoon” or “it’s not real” but what people don’t realize is how these images can actually affect women — and men alike. We’re perpetuating an image that is physically impossible to attain. Is there something wrong with having women with rib cages fight crime? 

I also liked this line from Kirsten:

Heroines are supposed to fight crime and save the world, not twerk while they’re rescuing humankind.

If you want to laugh at more of the huge amount of weird art of windy women out there, I'd suggest checking out the blog Escher Girls and also this article by yours truly.