07 Feb 2017 5:27 PM +00:00 UTC

Watch: New LEGO Batman Battle Clip Shows Batman's New Theme Song

The newest clip from The LEGO Batman Movie shows off both Batman's epic battling skills and mastery of song. He raps up a pretty hilarious parody of the Adam West Batman theme song as he fights every Batman villain under the sun. Watch it below:

The extended fight sequence tells us a lot of things. Things like Batman doesn't pay his taxes, he doesn't think he's obsessed with the Joker and he's not exactly keeping a very good lid on his secret identity if the villains can hear all that singing. We also see thay the Joker is pretty frustrated with the incompetence of his fellow supervillains.


The whole scene culminates with a confrontation between Batman and the Joker, a bit of which we've seen in previous trailers. The Joker just wants Batman to notice him. This movie definitely won't be skimping on the explosions, actions and musical stylings of the Dark Knight.

I can't wait to see The LEGO Batman Movie, which looks like a lot of fun. What about you? Will you be seeing it?

The LEGO Batman Movie hits theatres this Friday. 

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