10 Sep 2019 5:26 PM +00:00 UTC

Watch: Marvel Stuntman Breaks Down Best and Worst MCU Stunts


Corridor Crew on YouTube has recently been a hit with their VFX Artists React series, but they also have some videos where they bring in professional stuntmen to talk about stunts in films. Just in, they have a new episode with Gui Dasilva, a stuntman in the MCU, and they break down some of the best and worst stunts in one of history’s biggest box office franchises.

Dasilva is basically the main stuntperson for Black Panther, and he’s been doing the stunts since the introduction of the characters in Captain America: Civil War. What’s interesting is that he also played a random HYDRA agent in The Winter Soldier, and he’s one of the thugs that Steve Rogers knocks out in the infamous elevator scene.


Dasilva also gives his stuntman take on the infamous final fight in Black Panther where a lot of people complain about the CGI. Apparently, he also thinks that the fight isn’t that solid as well, and he thinks that it could have used more grit.

If anything, I don’t expect him to talk trash about the MCU too much for fear that they might pull him off the payroll.

Going back to the stunts though, it’s really interesting how a lot of it was done practically. You would expect that the running scene in the tunnel of the Civil War was just CG, but they apparently had to train for a month to get an amazing few minutes of action.

Hopefully, Marvel continues to set the bar with future films.

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