Watch: Is Supreme Leader Snoke Darth Vader?

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There's been a lot of speculations going around about Snoke's true identity. Just last week, someone pointed out how Snoke might be Darth Vader or at least a clone of Anakin, but I'm not buying the theory. Mr. Sunday Movies has released a video responding to this theory, explaining the reasons why it's incredibly unlikely. 

We saw Darth Vader die, his burning body, his Force ghost, his ashes, and it just wouldn't make sense. 

Earlier this month, we heard Andy Serkis (the actor playing Snoke) say that Snoke is none other than Snoke, not Darth Plagueis, not Darth Vader, but that didn't stop fans from speculating who he might be. 

So who do you think is Snoke? You can watch this video that claims that Snoke is Plagueis.