16 Mar 2017 1:16 PM +00:00 UTC

Watch: Is It Worth It To Buy Magic: The Gathering's Modern Masters 2017?

There's a good amount of Magic: The Gathering Modern staples that will be reprinted in Modern Masters 2017, some of them like Snapcaster Mage are even getting new art, and I'm sure many players out there would think that it would be worth buying a booster box because of the high-value cards, but is it really worth it? 

Thankfully, The Professor from Tolarian Community College is here to give us an answer. Breaking down the MSRP price of booster box and packs, the value of cards, and the rate of getting those cards in a box, The Professor concludes that the set is best valued if you just want to have fun drafting but if you want to crack packs to get the cards you need to build your Modern deck, it's a bad idea. It's always best to buy singles instead of gambling your money to crack packs. Despite this, he still gave the set an A- score. Watch the video below: 

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