09 Mar 2017 3:27 PM +00:00 UTC

Watch: Here's Why The Battle Of Helm's Deep Is A Cinematic Masterpiece

If you haven’t subscribed to Nerdwriter on Youtube, you should check his channel out. He makes some really smart dissections of modern pop-culture, and it’s very interesting the kind of influences he can find in movies and music. His latest video: Discussing Peter Jackson’s magnificent Helm’s Deep sequence from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

It’s very interesting how Jackson was able to make the piece as its own contained movie within a movie. There’s a clear build-up, followed by a climax, then a great conclusion — in the battle sequence alone. Just imagine how it fits in a movie that’s a second part of an entire trilogy. Amazing work.


After Jackson’s work on The Hobbit trilogy was not as well-received as LOTR, it’s nice to be reminded of all the hard work that went into making the earlier trilogy. Seems like LOTR followed a similar pattern with Star Wars where everyone didn’t like the prequel trilogy and still loved the original. (Side Note: We do NOT talk about the Ralph Bakshi animated movie from the 70s)

It’s kind of a shame that The Hobbit trilogy ended up being dragged out and tired as much as it was, but fans can always be reminded that Peter Jackson’s first trilogy was just perfect.

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