11 Apr 2017 6:49 AM +00:00 UTC

Watch Ghost In The Shell Trailer Mixed With Its Worst Reviews

Despite topping the international box office, Ghost in the Shell is still expected to lose millions due to the numerous controversies and its massively mixed reviews. While some enjoyed the film’s visuals, most reviews continue to take on the “white-washing” controversy while many others comment on the poor quality of the film’s content.

Now, ScreenCrush has decided to mix in the reviews along with the film’s trailer to give fans an idea of what the critics say about what many consider Hollywood’s flop of the year. The reviews come from a few of the film’s worst reviews, saying that “The film fucked up,” All ghost no shell,” “Whitewashing is the least of this film’s problems,” and so on and so forth.   

Check it out down here:

While many reviews go on raving in similar fashion, fans commenting on the video defend the film saying that it wasn’t that bad. For someone who’s seen the original Ghost in the Shell movie, its sequel and a portion of Arise, I’ve got to agree and say that despite the way the film diluted the philosophical discussions of the original movie, it was still pretty enjoyable. Rupert Sander’s Ghost in the Shell wasn’t that bad – problem is it wasn’t stellar either. What are your thoughts on Ghost in the Shell? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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