Watch: Every Easter Egg in Solo A Star Wars Story

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Whenever a big budget movie comes out, channels like Mr. Sunday Movies on Youtube put out some Easter Egg compilations for films. Today we have the video for Solo: A Star Wars Story, and the movie is filled to the brim with some interesting references to other movies as well as other Star Wars properties.

For one, I didn't know that the speeder chase in the beginning of the film was supposed to be inspired by American Graffiti. To those who don't know, AG was George Lucas' film before Star Wars, and it also had the involvement of director Ron Howard and original Han Solo Harrison Ford.

George Lucas' contribution to the movie is also noted, that being the scene where Han tosses one of Lando's capes aside as compared to putting it back on the rack.

Dryden Vos' collection is also filled with Easter Eggs as a crystal skull from the Han Solo books can be found on display as well as the golden idol from the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Arc. We can also spot a stuffed Ewok, and a suit of Mandalorian armor.


There's a bunch more Easter Eggs I didn't mention, but that's what the video is for.

Catch Solo: A Star Wars Story in theaters today.

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