Watch: Every Easter Egg and Reference in Captain Marvel

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Captain Marvel had just hit theaters, and everyone is buzzing over the film online. Like all the other MCU films, CM has a lot of Easter Eggs and references from the comics, and Mr. Sunday Movies, as always, has come up with his in-depth breakdown of them all.


While there are several 90s references in the film that are a bit "in your face" in Captain Marvel, there are a bunch of more subtle nods. For example, the paper cup we see Talos drinking out of has the very same pattern as the one from the one Samuel L. Jackson drinks out of in Pulp Fiction. We also see that Stan Lee is reading the script for Mallrats on the bus; Mallrats came out in 1996, and since this movie takes place in 1995, it's plausible that Stan would be checking reading the script a year before.

As for nods to the comics, probably the most straight-forward one is the one where Carol Danvers is sifting through the different color patterns of her costume; we see some classic yellow and black from her Ms. Marvel look as well as the green and white from the original comic. Maria Rambeau's daughter Monica also grows up to become her own superhero Photon.

When it comes to MCU films, I personally thought Captain Marvel was one of the weaker entries—and it's such a shame seeing that it's already getting a lot of unfair bashing online. It's just after 10 years of Marvel films, the movie comes out a bit bland, and Carol really just goes through the motions without having any significant emotional growth. Don't even get me started on the reason Nick Fury lost his eye.

A little optimism though: If Captain Marvel is able to inspire any little girl to think they could be superheroes, then I think the film would have already done its job.

Catch Captain Marvel in theaters now.

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