Watch Amazingly Creepy Clip From Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding

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Hideo Kojima is one of the biggest names when it comes to video games, and a lot of people are curious about the release of his latest PS4 exclusive—Death Stranding. We've been getting some pretty weird trailers for DS, and a new clip shows us more without revealing anything at all.

Check it out:

We get some returning elements from previous trailers like Norman Reedus, the baby, and black handprints, but none of that seems to answer any of the questions that fans have at all. There's still the curious case of Mads Mikkelsen's character as well as the relevance of Guillermo del Toro's.


Despite returning elements, we do get some cool new things as well. We have this cool tech suit that Reedus and other characters are wearing, and we also get a glimpse of some of the creatures from the film. Seeing that Kojima is such an ambitious director, I'm really wondering how everything comes together in the end.

Depsite three trailers already out, we still have no idea how the game will play at all. It seems that this "no breathing in the presence of the creatures" will be significant to the Death Stranding, but besides that, it's still a total mystery.

I love it already.

No release date has been announced for Death Stranding, but hopefully it comes out 2019.

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