07 Sep 2017 6:22 PM +00:00 UTC

Watch: Alex Hirsch And Justin Roiland Sing ‘I Got You Babe’ As Grunkle Stan And Rick Sanchez

Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch and Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland have come together to raise money for a Hurricane Relief Campaign, and it’s lead to this amazing video of both of them singing I Got You Babe as Grunkle Stan and Rick Sanchez.

Check it out:

Roiland and Hirsch have proven themselves to be good friends, with each of them already having guest-starred in their own shows. Roiland plays the time traveller Blendin Blandin in Gravity Falls, while Hirsch has guest-voiced as Summer’s crush Toby Matthews in the Rick and Morty episode, Big Trouble in Little Sanchez.


It’s always fun to see two great artists collaborate, and Roiland and Hirsch have provided pop-culture with two of the most kick-ass cartoon grandpas of all time. With the way both shows have tackled multiverses, a lot of fans are wondering just when we’ll be seeing someone from Gravity Falls crossover to the world of Rick and Morty.

Hopefully Disney Channel won’t be too stingy about it.

Gravity Falls may have ended already, but you can catch Rick and Morty season 3 on Adult Swim.

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