26 Jul 2017 9:52 AM +00:00 UTC

Watch: $21,000.00 Magic: The Gathering Deal in Grand Prix Las Vegas

Screen capture: Alpha Investments/YouTube

At Grand Prix Las Vegas 2017 back in June, Ala and Magic: The Gathering dealer Dan in Grand Prix Las Vegas made a whopping $21,000.00 deal for two copies of Black Lotus cards and "additional fluff" that includes Arabian Nights cards and other noteworthy vintage rares. YouTuber Alpha Investments was there to capture the moment as Dan negotiates with Ala, who flew all the way from Los Angeles, about the price they can agree on. Before selling the cards, Ala negotiates with her husband over the phone while Dan discusses the grading scale for the cards' conditions and Star City Games' approach to buying cards. She says that Star City Games was asking to crack the cased cards open before deciding to make the purchase, The most amusing part here is when Dan whips out the cash and just lays it out on the table to make this incredible purchase. 

Do you think Dan was stupid to make the deal or was it a good deal? 

Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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