Warner Offers Batman Movie to Planet of the Apes Director

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Matt Reeves, credited for re-energizing the Planet of the Apes franchise, might soon move to another saga: the Batman film starring Ben Affleck in the DECU. Warner has made a concrete offer to Reeves and the two parties are currently in negotiatons.

Reeves might be the spark needed to set the Batman movie into the right direction, especially after Affleck relinquished his directorial reins. His Dawn for the Planet of the Apes set the stage for the conflict between man and simian. The sequel, War for thePlanet of the Apes, set for release this July, might escalate it into armageddon. Yet despite the epic scale of the Apes movies, Reeves never loses sight of the drama and inner warfare being undergone by the main characters, ape or human.


And despite the grimness of the situation, the darkness does not descend into a monotonous depression, a tone that was probably responsible for giving Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice a very low Rottentomatoes rating.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Warner and Reeves have held several meetings, which is a positive development. At the same time, it cautions that should Reeves turn the offer down, another director with huge cred is waiting for his place at the bat: Ridley Scott.

Both Reeves and Scott have created fantastic alternate universes where man meets his fate and his greatest foe. The first pits us against intelligent, evolving apes; the second has set loose a nightmarish Alien from outer space.

To whom would you hand over the mantle of Batman?

If you need a little help to decide, check the trailer of Reeves' latest film below.

in the clip below.