Warner Bros May Film Another DC Movie for 2017

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Hot on the heels of yet another delay for Aquaman is a surprising announcement: DC may actually film another movie before the King of Atlantis's solo movie.

While this is a baffling choice—moving back a fairy solid-looking movie for others that are potentially not yet fully fleshed-out—the announcement did come from one of Variety's reporters, Justin Kroll. The series of tweets below explain the reason behind Warner Bros' decision:

The only good thing in the update is that if the scripts for any of the considered films are not yet ready Warner Bros. won't push them. Instead, the studio is willing to focus on just shooting Aquaman this year.


This is the one great move I've seen from DC's camp recently. There has always been the danger of rushing movies just to get the edge against the competition. Perhaps the big mistake is that DC hadn't done a more major, cohesive, and inclusive planning for its first few solo films as opposed to Marvel's Grand Plan.

But now that's already over and done, it's better for DC to pace its movies, particularly the writing, so it can deliver films that will make any DC fan believe again. Here's hoping that Wonder Woman will deliver on the promise when it releases in theaters on June 2—who else is insanely hyped?