Warner Bros. & DC Build Their Own Theme Park With 2 City Attractions

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If you think Disney and Marvel are the only ones who are gearing up to roll out some great real-life experiences for fans by way of theme parks, think again.

Warner Bros. has reportedly gotten in touch with Abu Dhabi's Miral for the planned theme park that's pegged at $1 billion dollars. According to Variety, this theme park will feature two of the most well-known scripts in the DC universe.


The rides include the Metropolis and Gotham as the forefront cities of the project.

For now, we'll wait for more details. The only thing known about this park is that it's set to open in 2018. So far, the other franchises that have been tapped for the park include Cartoon Junction, Bedrock, and Dynamite Gulch, which are from the Looney Tunes and Hanna-Barbera items.

"Miral is proud to confirm that one year after announcing its plans to bring Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi to Yas island, we're making great progress with our partners where we're 60 percent complete and on track to launch in 2018."

There are a few details known about the actual property. It's located on Yas Island, and will include a mix of interactive family friendly attractions as well as live entertainment to keep fans fun away from the strictness.


It seems like parks are the next best thing to promoting the worlds of the superheroes. But the other good thing here is that the park project was able to hire 5,500 people who will work on the team.

This is a big effort to bring iconic characters and story arcs under one roof. Similar to Avengers' and Star Wars' efforts to deliver an immersive park experience, this may be Warner Bros' own way of giving fans a unique experience beyond the big screen.

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