Walmart May Launch A New Video Streaming Service To Compete With Netflix & Amazon

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Walmart may be the next big company to launch its own video streaming service, according to a report from The Information. The retail giant is reportedly joining the battle of video streaming service to compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, and it wants to beat its competitors by pricing its service at only $8 per month —or lower.

The Information reports that the $8-per-month price emerged from the idea that Netflix and Amazon are more popular with customers on West and East Coasts. Customers who reside in the middle of America may choose a lower-cost option. Right now, Netflix costs between $8 to $14 per month, while Amazon Prime video is priced at about $8 per month.

The retailer isn't totally new to video streaming as it already owns Vudu, a service for buying and renting films. A few years ago, Vudu also started its own ad-supported streaming service, Movies on Us but neither Vudu or Movies on Us are anywhere near as popular as Amazon Prime Video or Netflix.

It's still unclear if Walmart plans to produce original content for its streaming service. Amazon and Netflix have put a lot of cash for their original films and TV series.

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