Voltron Game Coming To PSVR

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The Voltron reboot has proven to be a good decision, despite some hesitation early on. Thanks to some fun writing and wonderful animation, the Netflix animated series has proven to be a must watch for fans. While fans wait for season four to hit, they will be happy to know that a PSVR game based on the popular series is coming soon.

Called Voltron VR Chronicles, the game lets you interact with some of the heroes and villains in the show. From what can be seen, it looks like the original voice cast will be reprising their roles here, which is nice. Not much details have been revealed about the game, but it looks more like an interactive episode from the show, rather than a typical VR title.

It's not clear when the VR game is set, though it's likely after the second or third season of the show. The visuals do a solid job of capturing the essence of the series, though it would have been nice to see them go for a cel-shaded look. Graphically, it's not the best looking game around, but it should do the trick

No release date for Voltron VR Chronicles has been released, though it seems like it will come sooner rather than later. Pre-orders for the PSVR game are available now, so fans interested in the Voltron mythology should give it a shot.

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